Integrated Payables

Turn expense into revenue

In the B2B world, the amount you owe others is just as important as the amount they owe you. Managing cash flow is one of the most critical elements to the success of a business, and the most effective way to do it is through Accounts Payable.

What is Integrated Payables?

Leveraging existing and proprietary payment solutions on a single platform, Integrated Payables gives you ONE payment solution for ALL payment types: Check, ACH and Virtual Card. Traditional programs only reach a small segment of vendors, whereas Integrated Payables facilitates flexible payment processing from one simple-to-use platform – 100% of your AP could be automated!

Turn Expense into Revenue

Integrated Payables can turn a cost center on your company’s balance sheet into a profit center:

  • Flexible solution suite to maximize vendor participation and satisfaction
  • Simple integration
  • Single payment file
  • Interactive buyer and vendor portal
  • Industry-leading vendor enablement – WE ENROLL VENDORS ON YOUR BEHALF!


Why Is Vendor Enrollment So Valuable?

By managing vendor enrollment, we help deliver meaningful and measurable value to your vendors and drive maximum participation. We review your list of vendors with a consultative approach to help tailor a specific enrollment campaign on your behalf. This allows us to increase acceptance of electronic payments and drive further revenue to your bottom-line. 

In addition to our standard consultative enrollment process, we have partnered with Business Payments Network to help facilitate vendor enrollment. Business Payments Network (BPN), in partnership with Visa and Billtrust, is the world’s first vendor-driven B2B payments platform. It streamlines the delivery of electronic payments to vendors, increasing card spend and rebates, and reducing the risk of late payments and associated fees.

Business Payments Network Model

What Value Does Integrated Payables Bring?

A report in May 20201 showed that 65% of companies were moving paper payments to electronic. Even before then, companies shared2 several benefits to sending payments electronically:

Benefits of Integrated Payables

How Does Integrated Payables Work?

Submit one data file with all payment information from your accounting system, and those payments are electronically transmitted to your vendors via their preferred payment method.

How Integrated Payables Works

Let’s Talk!

Today’s complicated AP environment leaves buyers and vendors with an expensive, inefficient and long payment process. Integrated Payables is truly the complete commercial payments solution for all payment types, and it benefits both you and your vendors. Build better relationships with them, and give valuable time back to your employees so they can better focus their efforts on the success of the business. Let’s talk about your needs and how we can help you get started.

Our Commercial Banking Team is ready to help your business grow.

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1AFP 2020 Survey: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

2AFP 2019 Electronic Payments Report

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